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Laser Tattoo Removal

Effective and safe solution for multi-colored tattoos


We can remove most unwanted tattoos, restoring a more natural appearance to your skin. The Fotona QX-MAX is the most advanced laser available for this treatment and can provide excellent results in just a few treatments. Benefits of laser tattoo removal include:


  • Minimally Invasive treatment

  • Precise and gentle

  • Removes all common tattoo colors

  • For amateur and professional tattoos

  • No anesthesia required



What is Laser Tattoo Removal?


Laser tattoo removal has become the standard treatment for tattoo removal because it offers an effective, safe, and fast solution for removing unwanted tattoos. With the right laser, all common tattoo colors can be removed; black and dark tones, blues and sky blues, reds and tans, and greens.


How does it work?


The laser affects the tattoo with very short and strong laser pulses that penetrate deep into the skin, without injuring the top layers. These pulses are then absorbed by the pigments in the ink and as the laser light is transformed into photoacoustic waves, it mechanically breaks up the ink into smaller particles. These are then naturally absorbed by the body's own immune system.

The number of treatments necessary depends on the size of the tattoo as well as its location, depth, and color. Amateur tattoos are the easiest to remove whereas professional ones may require more treatment sessions. The tattoo will fade slowly between treatments as the body removes the remainders of the tattoo pigment.

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