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Floria D

"Just wanted to thank you for an amazing treatment and experience my daughter got this afternoon.... She was very impressed with you and your staff. She told her dad that she was treated like a queen by you....Thank you again. I had called around to check on prices. You not only had the best prices, but you showed my daughter how much you cared. I am sure your office will do an excellent job for all patients. Wish you a big success in this field. I will tell my friends to go to Bare Body Laser for your prices, but expect to be treated like Royalty." .

Yasi S

"After having some previous laser treatments with another laser place, I can comfortably say that Bare Body is the BEST! The treatment technique used is remarkable and has led me to have immense hair loss - results I did not even think were possible. These results paired with the teams of nurturing staff that have complete knowledge of sensitive skin, has truly made my laser treatments an enjoyable experience." .


"Growing up as a hairy teenage boy in the 21st century was not easy. Having hair was not in. I was always self conscious about my body. Thanks to Bare body Laser Center and its quick and easy approach to hair removal, I went from hair all over my body to hairless in the matter of a few months."

Jamie T

"You guys are so great about your follow-up with your patients and checking to see how they are doing."

Soraya Keemia H.

"I've gone to Bare Body Laser for three full body treatments now and I could not be happier with the results. It used to be that if I had shaved in the morning my legs would already be sporting little spikes before the next day! Now it takes at least a couple of days for any spikes to show up, and they only come in fairly sparse lines or patches. The staff is great: very professional and just as friendly. I always get to share more than a few laughs every session. I really appreciate what everyone at Bare Body Laser has done for me so far and look forward to continuing on with them."

Shayan M.

"I had treatments at another local laser center, and had not seen any results. They were always in a rush, and they did some patchy work. The difference in the treatment at Bare Body Laser was amazing. It was like night and day. I saw immediate results and my hair has stayed OFF!"

Theresa J.

"Dr. Gorenberg, I have been to six or seven medical offices this year and yours is by far the most professional. Your staff was friendly, happy, and incredibly helpful. This is the nicest office I have ever been to."

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